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Power Washing and Exterior Cleaning Services

Our Primary Service since 1997, our power washing is second to none!  We power wash mobile homes, RVs, and even stucco homes.  

On mobile homes, all siding, screens, and windows are scrubbed with a special soap and wax formula, then rinsed, using variable pressure as needed.  Sunscreens are washed on both sides and rinsed.  The patio and carport are rinsed, including conceret, carpets, stairs, and decks, with steps being moved when possible.  Hard decks are scrubbed with soapy water and rinsed.  There is always a final deionized water rinse of the carport walls.  All windows are hand-dried, as are screens, handrails, hard decks, and patio furniture, as applicable.  Customized cleaning items (such as pre-vacuuming carpet decks and carports, or extracting water from these items) and rinsing of the underside of carport awnings with deionized water are optional.

On RVs, we start with the roof, which and it, extended canvas awnings, and tops of slideouts are scrubbed and rinsed.  Then all siding, windows, canvas awning bottoms, and wheels are scrubbed and rinsed using variable pressure as needed.  A final rinse with deionized water is standard.  Concrete is rinsed.  Windows, chrome, dark finishes, and décor are hand-dried.  And yes—we do hand waxes!  It’s important to note that our hand waxes are done completely by hand—no machines, just soft microfiber towels and elbow grease!  We can also clean and polish aluminum rims.  

For hard-set stucco manufactured or stick-built homes, we dust for cobwebs, and then the stucco is carefully power washed.  Windows are washed and dried, and screens are washed, dried, and replaced.  Concrete pads, sidewalks, and driveways are rinsed as requested, and we even have specialized cleaning for concrete.  For safety, we do not wash painted ceilings over porches or carports. 


Clean and Close Up

The only way to guarantee a B&K interior cleaning for a set fee, this has become one of our most popular services you get to pack and leave, and we do the cleaning and closing for you! We have a list of items that we will do in this deep, "Top-to-bottom" cleaning, and, once it's clean, we'll close it for you (see "Close Up" Description below).

Close Up

Our "Close Up" service includes the completion of the items on our list of "summarizing" ideas: we will put window shields in, fill water containers, prep your hot water tank, prep your garbage disposal, put antifreeze in the traps, prep your toilet(s), prep your fridge, cover your furniture, lampshades, appliances, etc. with plastic sheeting, and turn off your power and water if desired. We will also put away items, such as the furniture from your patio, as requested.

As with all our services, our closings are customized to take the best possible care of you and your home.

Home Care Services (Caring for your Home in your Absence)

Our Home Care program consists of visits customized just for you—you can have one visit, or 12, with as much or as little maintenance as you want! All levels include dated and initialed checklists, provided upon your return. Any concerns we encounter will be immediately reported to you. As a Home Care customer, you will also receive complimentary exterior visits if storm damage or burglary is reported in your area. As with all our other services, we do try to accommodate any special requests you may have when we visit your home. Also, it’s nice to know you’ve got someone here in AZ who can run over in case of an urgent situation—if you’ve forgotten your medication or your passport, or if you’ve left a jug of milk in the fridge or onions in the cupboard, we’re here for you.

Open Up

Our “Open Up” service gets your home ready—you just move back in! It’s a wonderful thing to walk into a home that’s ready to live in! We take care of patio furniture, remove and store window coverings, empty and store any water containers, run water for an extended period of time to get rid of any smell, check your plumbing for leaks, remove furniture covers, wipe out your sinks and tubs, clean your toilet(s), and freshen your fabrics. If you want, we can even have your power, fridge, and climate control on for you! We always leave a gallon of refreshing water for you, too—a bonus after your long trip back to the Valley. All openings are, of course, customized to your needs and desires.

Interior Cleaning

B&K can provide interior cleaning (yes, we even dust blinds and wash windows!) when we open up your home for your return. We use only the best chemicals (some handmade or organic) and time-proven methods to give you excellent results that you can see and smell! We can also do routine or special occasion cleaning while you’re in Arizona—just call to schedule. Certain items (refrigerator, oven, kitchen, bathroom, oiling wood, etc.) can be done individually if you want—it’s up to you! See the price list for individual charges and hourly rates.

Supplemental and General Maintenance Services, including Concierge Services

From handyman work to interior painting to roof coating (even caring for vehicles), we are the company that tries to help you out whenever and however we can. We can often do the work—or have it done by trustworthy vendors—when you’re away, for maximum convenience to you. If we coordinate services for you in your absence, such as plumbing, weeding and landscaping, carpet and tile cleaning, etc., we are sure to use only companies that are, like us, licensed and insured and with whom we have a history. Whether it’s a service we provide for you or services we can schedule on your behalf, we have spent years trying to find every way possible to take care of our amazing customers. We consider it a privilege that you have chosen us to care for you and your home, and we will do all we can to maintain your trust in, and ensure your happiness with, our service.

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